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  1. Episode number: 118

    Designing a Modular System with Sarah Federman

  2. Episode number: 117

    Democratizing Tech with Fabian Elliott

  3. Episode number: 116

    CMS Upgrades & Migrations, Part 2

  4. Episode number: 115

    The State of Web Images with Kitt Hodsden

  5. Episode number: 114

    Biz Dev Strategies 101 with Alex Mejias

  6. Episode number: 113

    Fostering Diversity in Design Leadership with Timothy Bardlavens

  7. Episode number: 112

    CMS Upgrades & Migrations, Part 1

  8. Episode number: 111

    Web Design Fundamentals for Developers with Tracy Osborn

  9. Episode number: 110

    Localization Best Practices with Ira Frimere and Michael Harris

  10. Episode number: 109

    Project Management for the Web with Rachel Gertz

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